What We Do

College City SERTOMA  is an active club.  We work with the Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration each September, logging over 260 work hours a year, selling DJJD buttons that support the celebration and provide our organization with the funds we use for our charities.  Every penny of the funds we raise is donated.  Below are some of the organizations that we support.

Hearing Related Charities:                       hearing_aid

Camp Sertoma
Minnesota Academy for the Deaf
Hearing Dogs
Ear Plugs (distributed at DJJD and other events)
Sy Gau Scholarship
SERTOMA Annual Fund
Southern Minnesota Hearing Aid Bank
Faribault SERTOMA Golf Tournament

Other local organizations:

Operation Backpack
Community Action Center
Northfield Youth Sports Collaborative
Northfield Senior Center
Christmas Sharing
Northfield Historical Society
Northfield Hospital – Lifeline
Ruth’s House
Vintage Band Festival
Community Action Center

Volunteer Projects:

Thursday’s Table
Northfield Retirement Center Garden
Looping Technology – “Hearing in Religious Services”

What is Looping?

Looping is a simple technology that allows hearing assistive devices to serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, sharp, customized sound right from inside the ears. It can be adapted to use in large public spaces, such as airports and auditoriums.  But it can just as easily be installed in churches, drive-up business windows and even into a single room at home so the TV or stereo sound becomes a broadcast going directly through the hearing assistive device.  The induction loop is to hearing aids, what Wi-Fi is to laptops.  Please check out our videos to learn how induction loops work with tele-coils and hearing assistive devices.

 For more information, go to: What is Looping?